Come on in web traveler! You must be tired... so please! be my guest and sit down, pour yourself a glass of tea, or have a look around!!

You have stumbled across my little crumb of the web, a personal site I have begun to teach myself code and to have fun while doing it! My dream is to one day have a cute handcoded site that I can be proud of. Ever since i discovered neocities I fell in love with it, exploring others sites and admiring their creativity is so much more fun than scrolling through standard social media. I have nothing against it, but everything feels more or less the same, and just for likes... I want to make content for the sake of my own enjoyment, plus I get to learn something cool too!! Also something about the web just makes me so happy, I can not explain it... but I am positive that if you are here you get what I mean.

I am still a highschool student, and just like every other, I hateeee wasting my time away in class. I do not have much free time at home either, so neoctities being blocked on the school computers for the majority of the year discouraged me from jumping into building my site, but I have recently found it is not blocked anymore! YIPPEE!! I plan to work on my site during my free classes or when I have all my work done, which is a great incentive to get it done and out of the way because I. AM. SO. EXCITED!! but that also means my updates might be few and far in between as I need to not fall behind in school!! Thank you so much for visiting my site and reading all of this ^_^ mwah!


8:55 AM: BUCK-TICK obsessed !



Hoping to add more this summer. I have been so inactive... >_<


Started adding to the update log. I plan to work on fixing the navigation bar and more pages!