Dreams of my Future


I very recently returned from visiting my sister in Chicago. I do not get to see her very often, as Illinois is across the country from Texas, where I live. I absolutely love my sister, she has been my role model and hero ever since I was little. She listens to what I have to say and values my opinion despite how much younger I am. She also knows exactly how my parents are since she once lived with them too. Because of this, she knows exactly how to make me feel better after something happens with them and is able to help me unlearn some of the things they engrained in me. Thanks to my sister, I now know I want to move out of this small town and into a city, she has given me so much hope and motivation by helping me realize it really is possible to get away and make a good life for yourself. She has been through so much, yet still remains strong, kind, and loving. I couldn't ask for a better sister. Every visit I am reminded by how much I want to get out of where I currently am. I love my parents and they love me, but we are far from good for each other. I do not like being home, but I have nowhere else to be! The town I live in is tiny with little to no recreational activities or places to go and it is unbearable to be outside, especially in the summer. Chicago is far from the perfect city, but I love the